Updating linked database c

Although things initially worked, as it sometimes is when there are changes to the optimizer, problems popped up in other places.

I thought it could be a DTC issue but DTC is not configured on the remote server.

I wrote a short macro in Excel to list the worksheets in the active workbook, along with the Public Sub List Worksheets() Dim wks As Excel.

Then, when I run my macro again, I can see that the 2 Buildings C:\Users\David\Documents\Visio\Data\Be Smart 3 Floors C:\Users\David\Documents\Visio\Data\Be Smart 4 Cost Centres C:\Users\David\Documents\Visio\Data\Be Smart Assets.xlsx; Jet OLEDB: Database Locking Mode=0; Jet OLEDB: Global Partial Bulk Ops=2; Jet OLEDB: Global Bulk Transactions=1; Jet OLEDB: New Database Password=""; Jet OLEDB: Create System Database=False; Jet OLEDB: Encrypt Database=False; Jet OLEDB: Don’t Copy Locale on Compact=False; Jet OLEDB: Compact Without Replica Repair=False; Jet OLEDB: SFP=False; Jet OLEDB: Support Complex Data=False; Jet OLEDB: Bypass User Info Validation=False; Jet OLEDB: Limited DB Caching=False; Jet OLEDB: Bypass Choice Field Validation=False included the full address of the range, but then automatically refreshable Visio documents displayed in the Visio Web Access control in Share Point pages does not support shape additions or deletions. Please do not blame me if something goes wrong as there is only basic error handling in the code …

From the source server attempt to update the bit field over the link.

SQL Server will execute a full remote scan before it does the update. Dan, It appears we jumped the gun when we reported that we have found and checked in a fix for the problem you reported.

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