Ms sql view not updating

0 (success) or a nonzero number (failure) If a view is not created with schemabinding, sp_refreshview should be run when changes are made to the objects underlying the view that affect the definition of the view.Otherwise, the view might produce unexpected results when it is queried.

When you use SCHEMABINDING, the ) of tables, views, or user-defined functions that are referenced.

Inserts/Updates happen to these constantly, sometimes 100's per minute.

The system is having performance issues, namely timeouts, on basic inserts into these tables.

I always thought, maybe mistakenly, that as underlying tables change, the views that reference them change too. Product Color='Red'; GO -- View definition CREATE VIEW Sales.v_Sales Order Detail2 WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT h.

So if the tables are changing that much, maybe our system is getting overwhelmed by having to constantly play catch-up updating views. A view is essentially shorthand for using a subquery in a join.

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The following example creates a script that refreshes the metadata for all views that have a dependency on table USE Adventure Works2012; GO SELECT DISTINCT ' EXEC sp_refreshview ''' name '''' FROM sys.objects AS so INNER JOIN sys.sql_expression_dependencies AS sed ON so.object_id = sed.referencing_id WHERE = ' V' AND sed.referenced_id = OBJECT_ID(' Person.

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