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"A number of American companies made crystal that was very labor-intensive and required a lot of hand work," said Mr.Page, a former tax auditor who developed his interest in discontinued crystal at flea markets.The first letter represents the designer, and the second represents the glass type. Depending on the glass type, a lower number usually indicates an older piece. Although some glass types bear a much higher pattern number, they still date to roughly the same period. Make sure "Orrefors" is engraved on the bottom of the piece. The presence of only one letter — A, E, U or Z — indicates glass type and typically means the piece dates anywhere from 1935 to 1960. The numbers used in the third numbering system range from 1400 to 3832.

A high quality range of crystal ideal for caviar and fine food...

Orrefors Kosta Boda AB is a design company in the Swedish province of Småland that designs and makes high-quality utility glassware and art glass.

Orrefors develop, produce and sell a wide range of utility and art glass for private and public use under the brands Orrefors and Kosta Boda.

But companies specializing in obsolete crystal stemware do exist.

Some goblets and sorbet dishes break so easily that their owners don't bother to look for replacements, particularly for hard-to-find patterns.

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