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For all those who need advice or support in inducing lactation and sharing information and experiences.

Also welcomes the Hucow and their farmers, and those interested in breast and nipple growth, breast bondage, or anything to do with breasts.

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I do remember Sarah and my brother Frank celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and she wore a little black dress. She laughed and it was a very nice laugh as she knew I didn't mean it like that. I kissed her freckled cheeks and then those full lips.Are situated in both France and the UK our UK nursery is based in a quiet picturesque Victorian seaside town in the North West of England.we have a fully dedicated building where each room is themed to make your visit to us a true adult baby or sissy lifestyle experience, We have a school room,sissy room,fully equipped nursery and a play area complete with an indoor full size adult baby swing.What I didn’t know was that breastfeeding would turn out to be the hardest thing I had ever done. I posted pictures of myself on the internet with pride. I began to identify as a breastfeeding mother through and through. He would still take a bottle of breast milk after some feedings. This was all surrounding my difficulty getting started with breastfeeding. I started this journey with a positive self-image, pride and most importantly a fierce desire to breastfeed that some women do not have. Some women suffer negative body images and a lack of desire to work through the difficulties. But most women who choose not to breastfeed just don’t want to. I have suffered the consequences of being so proud of my success with breastfeeding.And I say that having delivered a child with a head circumference in the 98th percentile through my vagina. It made me sick to think that my body had failed my baby. He wanted that fast flowing bottle filled with filling formula. Some women find it difficult to be available all the time for their babies and want to be able to have another person help with feeding. Some women believe that formula is just as healthy as breast milk. I have come to empathize with all sides of the issue.

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I knew I needed to start immediately after delivery. I joined other breastfeeding mothers in resistance. And as far back as I can clearly remember he has been exclusively breastfed. But I have also learned that this pride comes with a cost.

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